How to Choose Your Perfect Toilet

Did you know that, on average, people spend about 92 days over their lifetime sitting on a toilet? That’s roughly 1.5 hours per week, or just over 13 minutes per day. This surprising statistic highlights the importance of choosing the right toilet – one that combines functionality, comfort, and style to suit your personal needs and preferences. At Waterware, we recognise that selecting the perfect toilet is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that aligns with your lifestyle and values, especially considering the significant amount of time you’ll be spending on this pivotal piece of home infrastructure. Whether you’re scrolling through your phone, catching up on reading, or just taking a moment to relax, ensuring your toilet is a perfect fit is more crucial than you might think!

Understanding Toilet Configurations

Before exploring the vast choices available, it’s essential to understand the different types of toilet configurations and what each offers in terms of benefits:


Toilet Type
Things to Consider
Back to Wall Toilets – Integrates with the wall, hiding pipework

– Easier to clean

– Sleek, modern look

– Requires more installation effort

– Best for smaller spaces as it saves room

Wall Hung Toilets – Off the floor: simplifies cleaning

– Spacious, uncluttered appearance

– Adjustable height

– Needs strong wall support

– Generally more expensive due to special installation needs

Floor Mounted Pans – Traditional design; widely used

– Easy to install; minimal structural needs

– Versatile styling

– Harder to clean around

– Can visually crowd small bathrooms

Features to Consider

When selecting a toilet, several features can enhance comfort and convenience. Here are a few to consider:


Ideal for Users Who
Rimless Technology – Easier cleaning; fewer bacteria hideouts

– Efficient, powerful flush

– Value hygiene and ease of maintenance
Comfort Height Toilets – Taller build; easier access

– Reduces strain on sitting and standing

– Have mobility issues or prefer a more comfortable height
Aesthetic Options – Multiple colour and finish options

– Can be matched with other fixtures

– Are particular about décor consistency
Water Efficiency – Saves water with better WELS ratings

– Reduces water bills

– Are environmentally conscious and looking to cut on utility costs

Enhancing Aesthetics with Custom Faceplates

To further personalise your bathroom’s aesthetics, consider the array of faceplate options available for in-wall cisterns. Our Oxford Pneumatic faceplates come in a variety of finishes, including Matte Black, Matte White, Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Brushed Gold. These choices allow you to create a cohesive look that complements your selected toilet and overall bathroom design.

Choosing the Right Colour

Your toilet’s colour can also impact the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Here’s a comparison of the colour options available to help you make the best choice for your space:


Colour Option
Best For
Gloss White   Shiny, reflective finish – Visually appealing and brightens the space

– Easy to clean

– Bathrooms with natural light

– Those who prefer a classic, clean look

Matte White  Soft, non-reflective finish – Modern, elegant look

– Hides smudges and fingerprints

– Contemporary bathrooms and minimalistic designs

– High traffic areas with kids

Matte Black   Bold, striking statement piece – Creates a bold, striking impact

– Versatile design compatibility with different colour schemes

– Making a design statement

– Bathrooms with industrial or modern interiors

What is the WELS Rating?

The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rating is an Australian initiative designed to help consumers identify and choose water-efficient products. Each product, like toilets and showerheads, is tested for its water usage and effectiveness, receiving a rating from 0 to 6 stars—the more stars, the better the water efficiency. A higher WELS rating not only promotes environmental conservation by reducing water use and energy associated with water heating but also offers economic benefits through significantly lower water bills. For homeowners, this means improved appliance performance and long-term savings, making WELS an essential factor in sustainable home choices.


Advantages of WELS Rating
Environmental Reduces water use and energy associated with water heating, which helps lower the carbon footprint.
Economic Leads to lower water bills due to efficient water usage, providing significant long-term savings.
Performance Ensures that products perform efficiently, meeting both functionality and environmental standards.
Sustainable Living     Supports broader community efforts in sustainable living by promoting responsible water consumption.

Installation Considerations

Proper installation is crucial for the functionality and longevity of your toilet. Here are a few tips:

  • Ensure that your bathroom’s plumbing aligns with the toilet’s requirements.
  • Consider the need for additional structural support, especially for wall hung models.
  • Double-check the dimensions of your space to avoid size compatibility issues.

Making Your Decision

When choosing the perfect toilet, consider who will be using it, the size and layout of your bathroom, and your personal style preferences. Use the aforementioned features as a guide to narrow down your options to find the perfect model for your home.

At Waterware, we pride ourselves on providing innovative, high-quality solutions for every homeowner. Visit our website or contact one of our customer service experts for more information on how our products can enhance your home living experience. Remember, the right toilet isn’t just a necessity – it’s a game-changer that can significantly enhance the comfort of your bathroom.