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NZ Company To Make Home Heating And Cooling Even Easier For Homeowners

Waterware, a market leading specialist importer and distributor of plumbing, central heating & cooling and bathroomware products, prides itself on offering a full technical support service – from their full-time technical team of specialists right down to their online trouble-shooting Knowledge Base.

Retro-fitting a central heating or cooling system to your existing home, or incorporating into a new build can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Waterware understands that, which is why they place emphasis on their customer and technical service, to ensure homeowners are fully supported throughout the process.

From the point of identifying a need for central heating and cooling, Waterware’s expert team of technical specialists take the lead in solution design and developing a solution fit for purpose.The process begins by working through a customer brief to understand your expectations and preferences, followed by obtaining a copy of your house plans to begin generating a system design and cost estimate. Once the proposed solution has been reviewed, clarified, and approved, the team can then assist with identifying a recommended heating installer, who will transition the system design into a fixed price quote for your consideration. In line with their customer-focused approach, Waterware will provide your heating installer with installation support and after-sales troubleshooting and system performance advice.

”Heating and cooling houses has unique challenges, which with a systems based approach can be solved in a cost effective and efficient way. The technical team at Waterware has experience with this approach and apply it every day” says Technical Director, Darren Yearsley.

Waterware’s technical experts identified a marketplace need to develop an online tool for registered tradespeople to access technical information as well as enable them to be able to report and diagnose system faults and errors within the technical product range. Dubbed the ‘Knowledge Base’ – it’s the place to go for tips and tricks accumulated over the last 30 year’s of experience selling and commissioning technical products and components, further supporting the valued installer market.

“By implementing this feature, it allows us to provide an extra layer of support and ties in nicely with our technical team trying to help the consumer and tradesman in any way possible,” Darren Yearsley says.

With several decades of experience, Waterware understands the importance of ensuring any heating and cooling upgrades or additions are made with the customer’s requirements in mind. Having a tailor-made solution from heating, cooling, and plumbing experts can make a world of difference to a customer’s experience.

About Waterware

Waterware has been a market-leading specialist in the plumbing, central heating and bathroomware sectors for the past 30 years.

Waterware prides itself on its positive pre and post sales service experience, its ongoing drive for product innovation, and technical design expertise.

Partnering with internationally recognized brands, Waterware offers both component equipment and full service solutions including:

  • Central Heating & Cooling: Gas, LPG, and Diesel Boilers, Heatpumps, Radiators, Radiant Active Ceiling and Underfloor Heating
  • Plumbing: Temperature & Pressure Valves, Water Meters, Tanks & Cylinders, Pumps, Pipe Systems and Lubricants
  • Bathroomware: Tapware, Baths, Toilets, Vanities, Mirrors, Heated Towel Rails and Lighting

We work hard to source the highest quality products to meet New Zealand market needs and trends, ensuring they meet national regulatory requirements. Our products are supported by our extensive range of spare parts, in-house Installer training and Warranty assurance programs.

The business is located in East Tamaki, Auckland and provides a nationwide service from Northland through to Invercargill. Waterware is committed to delivering positive service outcomes for its customers across both product and solution offerings.


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