Caleffi 5231 Series Heavy Duty Tempering Valve 20mm

$1,100.30 inc GST
Caleffi 5231 Series Heavy Duty Tempering Valve 20mm


Heavy duty 5231 series thermostatic tempering valve with 20mm unions
For use on high demand hot water systems with a flow rate between 10 and 92L/min
Recommended working pressure 100 - 500kPa (balanced)
Kv = 75L/min
Union connections with fiber washer seal, without check valves
Temperature range adjustable 35 - 65ºC
Temperature control +/- 2ºC
Max. operating temperature 90ºC
Body in dezincification resistant brass
A minimum 20kPa dynamic system pressure is required for correct valve function excluding any system losses in pipework etc.
Conditional guarantee: 5 YEARS parts and labour

TV5231 OEM Installation instructions

Download (634.6 kB)

TV5231 OEM spec sheet

Download (570.9 kB)

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